Looking for Technical & Complicated Waterproofing Problem in your Toilet leaking & Roof Leaking?

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Below are few of the Typical Detail Drawing Waterproofing for each common areas applied with varies Waterproofing System. This Typical Drawing Detail Waterproofing usually used to submit as a proposal to Client Developer, Architect and Consultant will review the requirements specification before awarding the entire Waterproofing Contracts Project to Waterproofing Contractor.

1) Waterproofing Membrane Applied on Retaining Wall Areas


On the left side is the retaining wall typical detail drawing, the waterproofing is applied on the concrete outer areas to prevent water seepage from backfill soil. The waterproofing is applied at the concrete before apply with fibreglass and protective Polystyrene design the protect the

retaining-walls picture 2 (klstory)waterproofing membrane from damage by Soil or Sand which roughly filled by Excavated machine. Look at the picture on the right side where you can see the Excavated Machine filling up
the soil to level the ground surface. The black color is the Waterproofing Membrane applied on the concrete surface.

2) Waterproofing Membrane Applied on Roof Top Areas

On the left side is the Typical Detail Drawing of Waterproofing System Roof Areas applied on concrete surface. Again this is another Typical Detail Drawing used to submit to Architect and Consultant for approval before awarded with the contract waterproofing project. There are many kinds of Waterproofing PU membrane and Estop Waterproofing Membrane is one of the good brands carry out by us for contract project. There are many types of Waterproofing membrane can be applied on the roof surface beside PU membrane. Other common type are Torch On Membrane, Exposed Decorative Acrylic Membrane and Pure PU Membrane type. It’s always depending the requirements of the project to propose the different types of Waterproofing Membrane.

3) Waterproofing Cementitious Applied on Toilet Slab 

On the left side is the Typical Detail Drawing of Waterproofing System applied at Toilet slab before lay with tiles. Cementitious Waterproofing is mostly applied at internal areas where its not exposed to weather condition: Sunlight and Raining. Cementitious Waterproofing System is also applied at areas such like Water Tank Room and Wet Kitchen Area and Swimming Pool Areas. The common water leaking at Toilet area is usually due to either plumbing problem or waterproofing problem. If its Waterproofing problem, its a high chance the waterproofing coating is damage thus water leaking. Water could seep through concrete or cement easily after ponding for few hours because concrete is porosity.

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