Waterproofing Contractor Tropicana City Ma, Damansara, Selangor (ChaTime)

Waterproofing WOrk Carry out at ChaTime Outlet, Tropicana City Mall (December 2014)
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We been invited to carry out Waterproofing work at Chatime Outlet at Tropicana City Mall. They were ask to carry out as soon as possible due to the dead line period. The Chatime outlet previously was station at the side of the mall. When they relocated the Chatime outlet to the middle of the mall, they are required to renovated everything and including Waterproofing works. That’s when they called us up to apply the Waterproofing Torch On Membrane. We could carry out the Waterproofing Work during midnight when the Shopping mall is totally close down and security guard were there monitor during midnight. Photos below are taken when Chatime is not operated yet and still in the middle renovation.



Once the contractor set up all the necessary platform and structure according their design plan. We were instructed to apply waterproofing work on the entire floor of Chatime Outlet. After we completed our surface preparations and clean up, we immediately apply the Waterproofing work on the floor without wasting time. The period given to us to apply waterproofing from midnight till 7.00am time only and we have to stop work. The method of Torch On Membrane is to burn the waterproofing membrane to allow it bind with the floor.






After we completed the Torch On Membrane, we apply another layer of PU Membrane Waterproofing acting as double waterproofing. To apply waterproofing inside a building is totally different from apply waterproofing external areas. External areas (outside building) apply with Waterproofing membrane cured / dry very fast due to weather or hot sun. It won’t take long before we could apply another layer of Waterproofing on top of first layer waterproofing membrane. For the case of Chatime Outlet which is inside the building without hot weather sun, the confine area required a very long period to cure / dry up. It was quite frustrating to us as we could not proceed 2nd layer membrane waterproofing before the 1st coating totally dry up. Thanks god in the end, everything went well, and they did a ponding test (flooded the whole floor areas with waterproofing) and there is no water leaking detected. That’s a pass and our jobscope waterproofing contractor is done. The Main contractor carry out their necessary sequence work till completed as you seen today inside Tropicana City Mall Chatime! =)





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