Water Leaking Toilet Repair and Waterproofing Problem Solving Story to Share at Putra Heights, Subang

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Project: Water Leaking at the toilet slab Putra Heights, Subang Jaya 2014


It was month the month of September 2014 if not mistaken that a customer name Encik Yunos had me to look into his toilet leaking. The toilet floor slab is leaking to the room below. He was staying for more than 3 years and the leaking had started when he first moving in to his new house Putra heights here. His new house at that time is still under warranty defect period but there is a problem to it. The appointed contractor from the warranty defect period always took his long sweet time to come and rectify the matter. As time goes by the leaking return, the defect warranty period is over and he couldn’t get it fix by the Developer. Encik Yunos said “betul betul malang” baru habis defect warranty, air bocor tandas datang lagi. 

He turned towards to a contractor plumbing whom he get from the mail box advertisement card. The Contractor Plumbing comeby and inspect the situation and using his own method to rectify the leaking. Not more than 2 days, the toilet slab continue leaking back. The contractor plumbing trying his best to fix the leaking situation and ends up come the 4th time and given up even after Encik Yunos constantly called him back complaining the leaking haven’t solved yet. The payment to the contractor was given and the problem leaking was never solved.

Investigate and analyze the water leaking arteas in the house

Mr Yunos walked me through his house showing water leaking where you can see the water mark leaking which i highlighted there. The water leaking along the plaster ceiling areas

I went inside the plaster ceiling hole and saw all the leaking points on the slab as attached picture below

After studying through the leaking at soffit slab, I went upstair to further study and analyze the alleged toilet slab leaking. Our investigation show that the Plumbing Contractor tried few methods to rectify the leaking problem. He did apply and some chemical between the tiles joint and when the leaking returned, he further hack some tiles and reapply a layer of waterproofing yet in vain. Finally he had the areas ponding with waterproofing white chemical (crystallisation waterproofing) as you can see in the picture before giving up and never returned back.

After i analyze the water leaking situation at Encik yunos house putra heights, subang jaya house and collected all the neccessary information. We then proceed to repair our waterproofing repair work and explained to Encik Yunos in detailed what we would do. We were shocked when we notice there is a formwork did not removed by the previous contractor, we helped removed all the formword and begin our repair work waterproofing by injecting the chemical waterproofing at the necessary leaking points. Its required technical and experiences to inject the chemical waterproofing areas spot to permanently stop the water leaking.
After we had repair the leaking points and all the necessary waterproofing works, we proceeded by doing a ponding test at the toilet for 2 days. We leave the water ponding there in the toilet to double check that the leaking points we had repaired had permanently stop the water leaking. For your information, this is a standard procedure testing inspection  for all the large scale project contract as a prove that waterproofing work had passed the requirements and there will be no leaking.

Encik Yunos thanks us for helping solving the waterproofing problem that haunted him and wasted many of his time.


Mr D @ 012 – 355 0509

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  2. 2 toilet pangsapuri saya hadapi prolem ” water proofing ” air telah meresap ke unit bilik air dan dinding bilik utama pangsapuri di bawah…
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