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We are an experience Waterproofing Contractors used to supply and lay waterproofing systems contract base to large developments from basement floor till the pent house. The high end condo i experienced in waterproofing contracts are MK10 High End Condominium, MK11 High End Condominium, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Tropicana Grande Condo, KL Sentral Lot G and Subang Parade Shopping Mall.

There are many types of waterproofing system involved such like:mk10 condo

  • Waterproofing PU membrane,
  • Cementitious waterproofing,
  • Admixtures waterproofing,
  • Torch on Membrane,
  • Bitumen base waterproofing,
  • Acrylic Exposed Decorative waterproofing etc.

Basically all wet areas required waterproofing products, the so called wet areas are:mk11 front pictures

  • Toilet, Wet Kitchen Floor,
  • Air Con Ledge, Balcony,
  • Roof Flat, Swimming Pool
  • Water Tank Room.

Most of our experiences coming from Waterproofing contract backgrounds dealing with Main Contractors and strictly follow the Architect specification requirements followed by strict inspections to pass the waterproofing test. There are many documents and proper paper work to deal while handling a contract waterproofing projects at kuala lumpur, selangor, klang valley, Malaysia.

In managing contracts work especially waterproofing contractor, they are many management and letter writing involved to defense your responsibility and to avoid letting other contractors taking advantage. Many reports and camera capture needed to be taken in case for future dispute quantity measurement and claims payment.

Below are the few large project development contract waterproofing i once experienced in supply and lay waterproofing back in the early years. Pictures projects below are exclusively from my own.

 Project 1: Publika Solaris Dutamas projects pictures back in the early years of 2009



Do you know that Publika Solaris Dutamas had a total of 14 blocks?  WOw! Thats one of largest development in Mont Kiara i supposed. A total of 14 blocks of building surrounding it. Its like 14 condos block, just imagine that. I remember when i handle the projects solaris dutamas, two of my seniors resigned and somehow i could manage finished the waterproofing projects till completed. I am so satisfy with myself and always proud that i manage to handle it well (My responsibility as waterproofing project manager kinda). I rated this is One of my best experiences project waterproofing i handle among other projects. The Development  projects actually divided to 2 main contractors namely Sunrise Bhd and Bina Goodyear Bhd. Sunrise Bhd as we all know is very reputable contractor and also the one that responsibility made Mont Kiara area famous and popular. The payment from them are very prompt and many contractors really appreciate it so much.

Project 2: Lot G KL Sentral or also known as Aloft Hotel 

Aloft Hotel

KL sentral Lot G (package 3) and thats what we name it back in the year 2012 when our waterproofing work reach to the roof top level. Now its name at Aloft Hotel and its very very nice interior design! =)  Lot G KL sentral (package 2 & 3) is by Main Contractor Ireka Engineering and Construction. They are the one constructed 1 mont kiara shopping mall at mont kiara. The management team Ireka contractor at Package 3 is very efficient and i still remember i never had the chance to comment their progress work is slow. Their progress work is always ahead of schedule and there are not many dispute each other. They completed their task and we complete our waterproofing task very well too.

Project 3: Tropicana Grande High End Condominium Waterproofing

roof leaking contractor tropicanawaterproofing contractor damansaraleaking waterproofing contractor tropicana

Last year 2014, i was surprised to know that there are many common problems leaking wet areas, toilet leaking and roof leaking problems. Most of the time its due to plumbing problems or waterproofing problems that resulted the leaking in the toilet / roof. I realized there are many leaking problems especially waterproofing leaking toilet at Petaling Jaya, Klang, Subang Jaya, Damansara, Cheras, Ampang, Wangsa Maju.

I am even more surprised when i heard many stories that the appointed contractor waterproofing contractors to rectify the leaking problems runaway halfway or running away with their deposit money or never pick up the call after problems reoccurred. So i decided to come out and personally to rectify the leaking for those who experience waterproofing leaking problem toilet at roof at their house.



Project 4: Subang Parade ROof Top Waterproofing Membrane System

roof toilet leaking subangwaterproofing contractor subang

Anyway i just like to share some of my knowledges and experiences to readers who had no ideas about waterproofing contractors and leaking problems they face commonly at toilet and roof leaking at residential and condo areas in selangor, kuala lumpur, klang valley, Malaysia.

Should you had any problems with your toilet leaking or roof leaking or looking for any waterproofing contractor to inspect the leaking, you could contact me Mr Kuan @  016 28 777 28 

My Notes:

I realized there are many customers had bad experience or disappointed service by some irresponsible repair waterproofing contractor. Probably its due lack of understanding contractors analyzing the leaking problems situation and had not much ideas to rectify except for just hack the whole concrete slab and redo waterproofing and tiles work. Or probably the contractors are lower educated / rough and communication becomes a problem.

We like to address that we are not those types and we are more to Educated soft spoken kinda of waterproofing contractors graduated from University. Our experiences in Waterproofing Contract Projects enable us do everything in black and white documents. Warranty and Summary report will be given at the end of the service for your record reference in future as well too. Besides leaking, we are equipped with concrete crack repair knowledge too as our background is from Manufacturer Construction Chemical. 

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